Special Discount for Our Existing Customers and Designated Professionals

If you are our existing customers (including policyholders of all vehicle types), and intend to buy new private car or commercial vehicle insurance policies, we shall offer special 5% discount on each new policy underwritten.



  • Existing customers must hold any individuals or companies in the form of any valid vehicle insurance policy in Target Insurance within the past 12 months.
  • New private cars or commercial vehicles must have not been insured by Target Insurance in the past 12 months.

  • Customers are required to submit documents for verification if necessary, name and ID card number of the insured must be the same.

  • This promotion which is only applicable to online application and not applicable to renewal policies. 

  • Unless the application of NCD, this promotional offer cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with any other promotional or discount offers for the same insurance product.

  • Customer shall fulfill above criteria and conditions, otherwise this promotional offer does not apply.

  • Target Insurance reserves the rights as to the final interpretation of this promotional offer, amendments of terms and conditions of this promotional offer and cessation of this promotional offer without prior notice.




We provide special 5% discount for designated professionals (including doctors, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, chartered secretaries). The designated professionals should provide business card or other supporting documents to us for verification within 30 days after the cover notes being issued (Not applicable to renewal client).


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