Enhanced Target x MotorMech Private Car Comprehensive Insurance Plan

Target Insurance Co., Ltd. ("Target") and MotorMech Service Station ("MotorMech" )became a strategic partnership to jointly launch a new private car comprehensive insurance plan. MotorMech is the appointed repairer that provides high quality, professional, reliable and trustworthy car repair service to Target’s policyholder of this plan.


MotorMech established in 1997, is wholly owned by Dah Chong Hong Holdings. As one of the largest chained motor service station in Hong Kong, MotorMech dedicates to provide one-stop professional maintenance, repair services and Government vehicle examination to vehicles' owners.


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  • MotorMech as the Appointed Repairer

As a policyholder of this insurance plan, you agree MotorMech to be your Appointed Repairer. In any event giving rise to a claim that your car shall need repair services, you will experience a professional, reliable and trustworthy service provided by MotorMech.


  • High-Quality of Car Repair Service

As a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, MotorMech dedicates to provide professional and high-quality car repair service in the past twenty years. MotorMech was awarded “the Best Motor Service Centre” for years by professional media.


  • Territory-wide Service Network

MotorMech has 3 service centres, which are located in Kwun Tong, Cheung Sha Wan and Shatin. Since 2016, Cheung Sha Wan centre has become the Designated Car Testing Centre appointed by the Transport Department.


  • Enjoy a free upgrade to fully synthetic engine oil for the purchase of “Regular Maintenance Package” or “Comprehensive Maintenance Package”


  • Enjoy 20% off for the purchase of Japanese Crystal 9H Car Coating Service(Original Price HK$7,380)


  • $1,000 fuel coupon if purchase any body repairing service (every $1,000 spending can redeem $100 fuel coupon)


  • $1,000 cash coupon if purchase any maintenance service (every $1,000 spending can redeem $100 cash coupon)


  • HKD200,000 Personal Accident Protection for Driving Named Driver2

The Driving Named Driver shall be entitled to the Personal Accident Protection of HKD200,000, the compensation of medical expenses up to HKD5,000 per accident and the daily hospital cash allowance up to HKD6,000 per accident.


  • Front Windscreen Cover

In case the front windscreen of your car is broken, the replacement is covered by us up to the maximum of HKD6,000 per year, on the condition that the initial HKD500 will be borne by you per case and the repair is carried out by MotorMech.


  • Free 24-hour Emergency Roadside Service

If your car suffers a mechanical breakdown or an accident, just call our 24-hour support hotline 2926-2926 or mobile hotline *6161. The emergency assistance provided by MotorMech is on-call to provide quick response to any situation that may arise and to help your car get back on the road safely as soon as possible. Maximum benefit for each assistance case is HKD2,000.


  • Free 24-hour Emergency Towing Service

If your car cannot be repaired immediately, we will arrange a towing service to MotorMech. Maximum benefit for each assistance case is HKD2,000.


Table of Benefits


I. Basic Coverage

  1. Own damage, fire and theft cover

  1. Third party bodily injury and property damage

II. Extra Benefits

  1. Appointed Repairer


  1. Personal accident protection
    Medical expense and hospital cash allowance

Sum-Insured HKD200,000

  1. Lower “General Excess”


  1. NCD protection3

  1. Claims recovery service

  1. New for old replacement vehicle4

  1. Front windscreen cover

Up to HKD6,000

  1. Temporary substitute vehicle5

Up to HKD6,000

  1. Free 24-hour emergency roadside service

Up to HKD2,000

10. Free 24-hour emergency towing service

Up to HKD2,000



  1. The redemption letter will be sent together with the official policy, the service is valid for 6 months upon the issue date of the redemption letter. The letter can be applied once only to the registered car owner and the private car specified in the policy.
  2. “Driving Named Driver” means the named driver who is driving the vehicle when the accident occurs. Target Insurance Company, Limited reserves the right of final interpretation and approval.
  3. Total amount of claims within one policy year does not exceed HKD60,000 or 15% of the insured car value (whichever is the lower)
  4. For the car less than one year old, if it is stolen or has sustained a total loss, a new car of the same make and model will be provided as compensation.
  5. In the event that your car is immobilized by an accident and needs repairs for more than 48 hours, or if it is stolen for more than 48 hours, we can arrange a substitute vehicle for you. The cost of the vehicle rental will be borne by us up to the maximum of HKD6,000. The vehicle rental expense covered by us is subject to HKD1,000 per day and an excess of 20% per each rental. (The towing service must be arranged by us.)


This promotion material is for information only and does not constitute any part of the insurance contracts. Any information given herein is subject to the precise terms and conditions in the policy. For full terms and conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy document itself which shall prevail in case of inconsistency. Target Insurance Company, Limited reserves the right of final interpretation and approval (The English version shall prevail in case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions).


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